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I have a problem...

Write a problem that you have in this moment and give at least 3 suggestions to someone else.

have, #problem, write, that, this, moment, give, least, suggestions, someone, else

The Healing´s Problem

Adentrate en las guerras producidas entre humanos y superhumanos.

healing´s, #problem, adentrate, guerras, producidas, entre, humanos, superhumanos


Guild wanna be.

problem?, guild, wanna

Foro gratis : Monster Hunter Freedom 3

Foro gratis : El foro no oficial de Monster Hunter Freedom 3 You speak english, franÇE, italian, deuch or baby language? don´t worry, post your problem, and we will answer you.

foro, gratis, monster, hunter, freedom, oficial

English class teacher Aida

Mention one problem that exists in the school and affects you, explain why.

english, class, teacher, aida, mention, #problem, that, exists, school, affects, explain

Foro gratis : Farmacología Clínica para Enfermería

Foro gratis : Problem-Based Learning. Farmacología Clínica para Enfermería

foro, gratis, farmacología, clínica, para, enfermería

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